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Belly Rhythms

If you like Zumba Fitness, you'll LOVE Belly Rhythms. 

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Shake, Shimmy and Sweat your way to a Healthier You!

Belly Dance!  Bollywood!  Hula!  Latin! and now offering ZUMBA® fitness classes ...

Belly Rhythms is Fitness in Motion; An exhilarating cardio dance fitness program offering a unique blend of worldwide rhythms.  You will move to the international flavors of belly dance, Bollywood, hula, Latin and so much more.  Belly Rhythms started out as a belly dance for fitness class.  As it has evolved, movements of other cultures have been introduced.  From the earliest of times, belly dance has offered women a community that shares and celebrates the joy in music and movement; an expression of individuality and an outlet for creativity; one which builds self-confidence and embraces ALL body types and all ages.  As a certified fitness professional, I have developed this program to not only improve your physical fitness, but to inspire and empower you to find inner strength.  This is a full body toning and cardio fitness program with a strong emphasis on core abdominal and back strength.  No dance experience needed here.  These basic movements are fun and easy to follow and will leave you wanting more.  So get your hips in motion and join the movement where exercise is FUN. 

 You WILL sweat!  You WILL be inspired!  You WILL be empowered!

Belly Rythyms and ZUMBA® - Making Exercise Fun!  Join my revolution to make a change and Get FIT!


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